Cambodia Travel Guide – Explore a New Land

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Du lịch Campuchia is currently a trend for those who love peaceful and new lands. In today’s article, we will introduce to you important and useful experiences to prepare for your perfect trip.

Travel to Cambodia and places that should not be missed

Cambodia is one of the lands that has not been exploited much so it still retains its wild and ancient features. This place possesses impressive landscapes that you should not miss:

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a famous landmark with a giant temple, built in the 12th century. To date, this place has become one of the ancient, impressive check-in spots originating from the Khmer era. When you come here, you will visit the rooms, corridors, and towers to feel the works that have stood the test of time.

Angkor Wat – famous landmark in Cambodia

Sea and lake

The lake area has an area of ​​about 5000 km2 and becomes the largest lake in Southeast Asia. This place is very popular in Cambodia and many people choose to visit. There are many floating villages on the Lake, you can visit and feel the uniqueness that this land possesses.

Sambor Prei Kuk Park

Coming to Sambor Prei Kuk, this is a park located about 30km from Siem Reap and originated from the Khmer period. The second name of this place is also known as the Cambodian pyramid with a special shape. To date, Sambor Prei Kuk has become an important historical site and a wonderful place about ancient civilization.

Banteay Chhmar

Banteay Chhmar temple is a large long complex 130km from Siem Reap. Because it is far from the center, this place retains its inherent ancient features and is an important relic in this land. Almost not many people know about this destination, so it still retains the wildness and freshness of nature. Surely this is a healing place for those who feel suffocated with a bustling life.

Cambodia travel experience for newbies

Currently, traveling to Cambodia is one of the interesting options that you should consider. However, if it is your first time, you need to refer to some experiences that we share below:

What to eat when traveling?

Although it is a small country, Cambodia still possesses a diverse cuisine and impressive dishes. Check out some dishes that you should try as follows:

  • Amoktre: Similar to curry cooked in bamboo tubes, including chicken that can be replaced with fish and squid. Mixing a little Khmer herbs creates a unique taste. 
  • Beef cake: A type of cake made from rice flour with two fillings, sweet and salty. 
  • Nom banh chok: A noodle dish with toppings of thinly sliced ​​vegetables and meat. The flavor of the broth cooked from fish retains a remarkably sweet taste. 
  • Cambodian bread: Becoming a famous street food with sauce from eggs, pate, combined with pork.

Travel to Cambodia at special festivals

If you travel to Cambodia on special holidays, you will have the opportunity to experience the special culture in this country. Some impressive festivals that visitors should consider attending include:

One of the impressive festivals in Cambodia

Bon Om Touk Boat Racing Festival

In November every year, Cambodia will hold an extremely important festival called: Bon Om Touk Boat Race. Hundreds of outstanding colorful boats compete with each other to win boats on the Tonle Sap river. Everyone around will cheer together to cheer for this match.

Elephant fighting festival

The elephant fighting ceremony is a characteristic of Cambodia


Participating in the elephant fighting festival is intended for elephants to demonstrate their strength to repel opponents and win. The arena of this festival is extremely large, those who watch can feel the immense attraction. Gradually, you will witness extremely impressive competition from them.

Cambodia travel costs 

A complete trip to Cambodia requires you to prepare well in terms of cost. Please refer to some expenses to help you be more proactive:

  • Airplane travel costs range from $70 to $300 depending on the airline and time.
  • Accommodation fees typically cost between $20 and $50 per night at mid-range hotels. 
  • Eating and drinking usually costs from $10 to $20 a day, depending on each person’s diet.
  • Travel costs in Cambodia range from 10 to 20 dollars for Tuktuk, bus, train,…
  • Entrance fees range from $37 to $50. 

The total reserve cost to travel to Cambodia is from 100 to 150 USD per day. 

Useful information about Cambodia tourism has been provided Okvip Share for your convenience. This will be useful knowledge for those who want to travel to Cambodia. Please prepare carefully, wish you have a perfect trip.

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